Rock Ala Carte

Since we found the ‘right location’ what has to go hand in hand? Crazy performance? Some razzmatazz??
But of course!
Just take a look at the menu……..
We give you rock a la carte….
Rock a La Carte …….is headed to Breakthru2015!
Based out of Iowa, Rock a La Carte has supported Breakthru for years, through their performances, the ever popular ‘Sing with the Band’, advertising the convention etc.
We are happy they agreed to return and help make Detroit the best place to rock in July!
So….If you want to see some action
You get nothing but the best…. You best be headed to …..
Breakthru 2015!


                  And On Lead Guitar and Vocals                     And On Keyboard and Vocals

            Lead Guitar - Gar Lambert            Keyboard - Wendy Lambert Gordy

                      Gar Lambert                         Wendy Lambert Gordy

                  And On Bass Guitar and Vocals                                   And On Drums

            Bass Guitar - Dave Boon            Drummer - Carley Wells

                        Dave Boon                                   Carley Wells