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Hello Peeps!

Remember, Early Registration ends at midnight on May 1, 2016.
Adult - $125 (16 years of age and up)
Youth - $ 50 (10 - 15 years of age)
Child - Free (0 - 9 years of age)

General Registration begins on May 2, 2016 and runs through the beginning of the convention on July 22, 2016.
Adult - $140 (16 years of age and up)
Youth - $ 70 (10 - 15 years)
Child - Free (0 - 9 years of age)

Registration will include unlimited access to Convention activities, a T-shirt (one per registrant over 9 years) and a goody bag*.
*Note: In order to guarantee your goody bag and t-shirt, we must receive your registration prior to June 23, 2016 - registrations received after this date can not be guaranteed a goody bag or t-shirt as it may exceed our order time.

T-Shirts are available in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.
Extra T-shirts will be available at the following prices:
US $20 for S, M, L
US $23 for XL, XXL, XXXL

Cancellation/Refund Policy:
For those participants who register but must cancel prior to the Convention:
100% Registration Refund will be provided if requested prior to May 23, 2016;
50% Registration Refund will be provided if requested between May 24, 2016 and June 22, 2016.
0% Registration Refund beyond June 23, 2016

Note: If there is room available for more attendees, we will still accept registrations after the registration deadline of June 23, 2016 until the day of the convention. We can not guarantee a goody bag or shirt, to those registering after the official deadline. This registration deadline is also our ordering deadline which we must meet. So please do all you can to register in time so as not to miss out on anything!

If you would like further convention information or if someone in your group has any special needs, please contact us at INFO@QUEENBREAKTHRU.ROCKS

All Registration questions, concerns and/or inquiries should be addressed to REGISTRATION@QUEENBREAKTHRU.ROCKS. This email address should not be used for general inquiries for Breakthru. General inquiries please contact INFO@QUEENBREAKTHRU.ROCKS

Registration Process

  • Website User Accounts - It is unnecessary to have created a user account to register. In the absence of an established user account, the process will create one for you and any other people you are registering. An account is required to complete the registrations however. If an account is created for you during registration, an email will be sent to your email address for you to click on the link in order for you to confirm your user account.
  • Registration Page - Navigate to the registration page in your favorite browser by going to the website landing page at QueenBreakthru and click on the Breakthru 2016 link. You may also go to the actual convention page at Atlanta 2016 or from the website by clicking on the link in the main menu under conventions, Atlanta 2016.
  • Choose Tickets - Choose the ticket type and number of each that you need for the people you are registering. Then click on the register button and you will be taken to a new page where you will enter the information for each person.
  • Registrant Information - If you haven't signed in to an account, you are greeted first with an option to sign in. This will complete your name and email address from your user registration. If you do not have an account, no worries as the system will create one for you. Complete each field with the appropriate information. Note: This part is the same whether you are registering one of the tickets for yourself or if you are just registering ticket(s) for someone else.
    1. Email Address - Please enter the email address for the person this ticket is to be registered. If the person is a child or doesn't have an email address you can use your own but will distinguish by putting the person's name in the appropriate fields.
    2. Email Redemption Code - No need to check this box. Please leave it unchecked.
    3. Show on Attendee Listing Page - If you would like to be listed on the attendee listing page please check this box.
    4. Name Fields - Enter the person's name in the appropriate fields you are registering this ticket for. Middle Initial is optional but first and last are not.
    5. Gender - Choose from the drop-down menu and is required.
    6. Age - A number is required by the system. LOL.
    7. Organization - This field is completely optional and may be left blank.
    8. Location - You will see a Country Field. Please choose appropriately.
    9. Dietary Needs - This is for those who have special needs and may be left as none if there are none. If you have special needs please let us know here so that we can make appropriate arrangements for the food we order during the convention.
    10. T-shirt Size - This is very necessary as this will be the size of convention t-shirt that is ordered for this person.
    11. Disclaimer - This field must have yes in it and is mandatory. Please right-click on the disclaimer link and choose open in a new tab or just click it. If you just click it you will be taken on the current page to the disclaimer page. After reading it you may return to your registration by clicking your browser's back button. If you open a new tab, you can just close the tab when finished reading it to return to your registration.
    12. Complete all Fields - This completes the fields for a ticket. Please complete the fields for each ticket you are registering for the appropriate person.
    13. Register Button> - Once you have completed the fields for each ticket, you will be ready to click the Register Button again. The system will then open the street, city, state/province, and zip code fields for you. Please complete them as they pertain to the person for which each ticket is being registered. When you have finished this click the Register button once again and you will be taken to the next screen.
  • Checkout - This screen will allow you to complete your checkout profile if you have never completed one before. This information is required to verify your identity with the account information on file with whatever form of payment you are using. When all fields have been completed click on the Continue to Next Step Button.
  • Review Order - This screen allows you to review your order. If you need to make a change click Go Back at the bottom beside the Continue to Next Step Button. Please click the second radio button for Paypal. This selection will allow you to pay with your Paypal Account or any other available Credit or Debit Card. When you have complete this screen click the Continue to Next Step Button to be taken offsite to the Paypal Checkout Site. Breakthru DOES NOT capture or retain your payment account numbers and information on our website. It is captured on Paypal's secure servers.
  • Paypal Screen - Please complete the information requested to pay by credit, debit, or Paypal Credit and click the Pay Button at the bottom of the page. If you would like to use your Paypal Account, please click on the top selection to login in to your Paypal Account.
  • Email Acknowledgement - You will receive an emailed acknowledgement of your payment.

Remember, in order to complete your registration process, you must click on the checkout button and "Lay Your Money Down" or you will not be registered. Your registration will remain in your Shopping Cart until you pay and you will not be registered! I'm just saying. LOL

Keep checking the website for updates as we go along. We will be posting sessions for each item we normally have on the program so check back often. We will also be posting things on our Facebook Group and sending out emails to our attendee list from last year as well as the 2016 attendee list. You also can comment on all of these items on the website and you will even be able to vote on proposed sessions before it is confirmed and make comments as well.

Another item you may like is the ability for registered attendees to create their own BOF (Birds of a Feather) Sessions during the convention. If you would like to organize a dinner with friends or a party in your room and invite others to join you, go for it. This new software we are using can do a lot of stuff including Forums and Polls. We hope you enjoy it.


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